Aluminum Ladders Prompt Forest River Recalls

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Forest River is recalling a number of RVs related to ladders on those units, including:

  • Certain model year 2015-2017 FR3 motorhomes manufactured Sept. 24, 2014, to May 12, 2016;
  • 2015-2017 Prime Time Spartan toy haulers manufactured June 10, 2014, to May 31, 2016;
  • 2013-2016 Palomino Columbus toy haulers manufactured Oct. 4, 2012, to Dec. 4, 2015;
  • 2015-2016 XLR Thunderbolt and Nitro toy haulers manufactured May 23, 2014, to Nov. 23, 2016.


These RVs were equipped with certain aluminum ladders manufactured by Christianson Industries. The affected ladders have retractable hinges, each with a welded “top hat” that can separate from the hinge, according to the NHTSA. The NHTSA warns that if the hinges separate from the ladder while in use, the ladder may fall from the RV, increasing the risk of injury.

Separately, Newmar Corp. is recalling certain model year 2017 King Aire motorhomes manufactured Jan. 22, 2016, to October 19, 2016.

The NHTSA warns that water may leak into the turn signal module. If the module is wet while the headlights are on, the glass dash display may switch to the turn signal camera mode, causing the dash to show the turn signal side camera view over the speedometer and RPM displays.

If the driver cannot see the speedometer and RPM displays, there would be an increased risk of a crash. 


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