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American Guardian Details F&I Training Schedule

American Guardian Warranty Services (AGWS) has announced its 2019 AGWS University F&I training schedule. The workshop is designed to provide insights and education to both dealers and agents.

The workshops, which are offered in the company’s corporate office in Warrenville, Ill., as well as online webinars, are led by AGWS’ own industry experts: VP of Training, Robert Harkins and VP of Sales, Chuck Hobbs. The classes are intended to demonstrate effective sales approaches with compliance and ethics to improve dealership profitability, customer satisfaction, and repeat/referral business and ensure all employees are compliant with current laws, regulations, and best practices.

“Following the overwhelming success of past AGWS University courses, we’re proud to offer this year’s workshops, led by our industry’s best, Robert Harkins and Chuck Hobbs,” said Jon A. Anderson, president and COO of AGWS. “We look forward to continuing to evolve our University courses by offering online webinars and educating more dealers and agents this year and many years ahead.”

AGWS University F&I Training Course Schedule 

Day 1: Material covered in day one of the course revolves around compliance, ethics, and federal law. Customers respond well when they have a level of trust and understanding of what’s required legally and advisable ethically. This understanding can be quantitively measured as performance in sales numbers.

Topics covered:

  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Selling with Integrity
  • C&E – F&I and the Law Quiz

Day 2: The second day of our course is focused on several highly effective sales techniques including dialogue selling, menu selling, and the steps to a sale. These techniques are effective at driving better sales numbers.

Topics covered:

  • F&I Sales Workshop
  • Principles of Dialogue Selling
  • F&I Technique – Steps to a Sale
  • Menu Selling

Day 3: The third day of our course is devoted to reinforcing what attendees have learned in the first two days. Using real world scenarios and true-life problem-solving approaches to challenges that inevitably occur in the sales process.

Topics covered:

  • Value-Added Selling
  • Role-Play – Sales Presentation
  • Lien Analysis – Retail Mix
  • Goals – How to Accomplish

Day 4: The final day of the workshop is an intensive overview of the topics that were covered and the participant’s key takeaways.

Topics covered:

  • Sales Process Outline
  • Value-Added Objection Handling
  • Role Play – Sales Presentation
  • Professionalism

AGWS University includes hotel, transportation, breakfast, and training in its $595 total cost. The courses are also offered in four different time slots throughout the year. Dates include: May 13, Aug. 12, and Nov. 11.

To register for one of AGWS University’s upcoming F&I workshops, visit

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