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Amerimax for Mobility Has New Owner

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Amerimax Fabricated Products has been acquired by a private investment group that owns companies in multiple industries – including Euramax for Mobility – purported to be the largest supplier of transportation and RV aluminum exterior products outside the United States.

The new company will operate under the brand name of Amerimax for Mobility and because of the buyout, it will gain access to improved manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, along with a wide range of new products.

“I take pride in delivering on our promises, ensuring that every interaction reflects our dedication to quality, reliability and the unwavering support that will define Amerimax for Mobility,” said Mark Hagerman, who has been appointed CEO of Amerimax for Mobility. “We are pleased to partner with Euramax for Mobility and in addition to the strength of our supply continuity, our new product portfolio of Amerimax for Mobility will offer a wide range of products from traditional metal fabricated panels and trim, pre-painted coil (up to 103 inches) and Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester panels.

Harmen Kruijt, CEO of Euramax for Mobility, will join the company’s board and added, “We are very much looking forward to supporting growth and innovation, by sharing supply sourcing, products and expertise from Euramax for Mobility and are fully committed to making Amerimax for Mobility a leading supplier in the United States.”

Brent Cripe will be leading the sales function of Amerimax for Mobility.

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