Apex Nano and Ultra Lite
Apex Nano (left) and Ultra Lite

Apex Keeps Things Light and Stylish

The 2019 Elkhart Open House is just around the corner. With so much to see (legendary band Styx) and do (the grand opening of the RV Technical Institute), it’ll be hard to stop by every booth and display. But this year Coachmen’s Apex brand is debuting a little project it has been working called the Tera.

Scroll down for photos of several Apex units and features.

Geared toward overland adventurists and Millennials, the Tera comes in at 7-feet wide and weighs around 2,500 pounds. The unit boasts a full queen bed, dry bath, bunks, outside kitchen, solar, and 6-cubic-foot refrigerator.

“This will be a small off-grid camper, all-terrain tires, compact, but feature filled,” said Kevin Silcox, product and sales manager at Apex. For campers focused on adventures, it definitely hits all the right notes. “We’re extremely focused on the weight side of things. The materials and the quality rather than having a gadget-filled camper.”

That doesn’t mean Apex isn’t offering extras. For instance, an off-grid package that includes a 100-watt solar panel and control charger is available for the Nano. The line itself is getting two new floorplans with the addition of another easy-to-tow expandable unit. The extra unit has three tent ends, expanding sleeping capacity up to seven.

Additionally, a 50-gallon water tank is standard, and the galley area has been revamped with a new Dometic two-burner, drop-in cook top with a flush-mount glass cover. The galley also includes a new under-mount sink. In all, the 22-foot, 6-inch Nano weighs in at 3,416 pounds, again proving what can be done in a lightweight category.

“You see out there in the industry right now a lot of travel trailers trying to get into our size and weight category,” said Silcox. “But we got the roots and the foundation. We’re already there heavy into the under-30-foot, 4,000-pound trailer, and now we’re adding all these extras in it that this new type of buyer is looking for.”

But to get a little more room, Apex will be showing off two additional Ultra Lite floorplans. The new 284BHSS double bunk-bed model has a full outside kitchen under an awning and 36-inch barn door bedroom entry with a standard Tri-Fold Hide-a-Bed sofa. Unlike the smaller options, the travel trailer is Apex’s heaviest, weighing 5,790 pounds and reaching 32 1/2 feet in length.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Lite 253RLS offers an upgrade to theater seating. The bathroom is loaded with two storage closets, one as a linen closet and the other as a multi-function wardrobe.

Finally, the 220EXT Extreme Lifestyle toy hauler with 13-foot-long storage area is ideal for bikes, kayaks, four-wheelers and other toys, while offering a full queen bed and fully functional bathroom.

“It allows dealers to stock their lot with travel trailers but not have just the same ones, giving the customer more options,” said Silcox.

For more information on Apex ahead of Open House, click here.

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