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Dave Gray, founder of Fifth Wheel St., unveiled RV Tow Check 2.0, the biggest upgrade to the app since the original release, giving users a new interactive feature that allows them to select various pin or tongue weight percentages.

RV Tow Check’s enhancement allows users to view instantly the possible towing capacity changes as they select different pin and tongue weight percentages. Users who don’t know their trailer’s pin or tongue percentages have a color-coded range to consider when considering a safe margin for towing capacity. The app’s instructions, definitions and the FAQ page have expanded. Additionally, the app’s calculator page includes a detailed description of how the calculator works.

Gray said that since the debut of RV Tow Check in September, the daily calculations processed have grown to more than 150.

“A number of app users have shared their stories on how the app help prevent them from making the mistake of purchasing the wrong towing combination,” he said.

“Practically all towing guides give RVers just enough information that may cause them to purchase a trailer too heavy for their tow vehicle’s capabilities,” said Gray. “Towing guides listing maximum tow capacity fail to take into consideration the different towing requirements between fifth wheel and conventional trailers. These common guides do not consider the additional payload weight created by the fifth wheel trailer pin weight.”

“Even the creators of the most well-known towing guide published by Trailer Life devotes four pages of instructions, entitled ‘Choose Wisely,’ that spells out the details required for selecting the correct towing combination,” he said. “With the RV Tow Check app, you’ll never need to read a towing guide again.”

Gray said that none of the common towing guides have improved one important safety statistic published by the RV Safety and Education Foundation (RVSEF).

“RVSEF data indicates that 60 percent of all tow vehicles on the road exceed one or more weight safety ratings,” said Gray.

“Many of these trucks exceed all of their ratings,” said Walter Cannon, executive director of RVSEF.

Gray said that the minimum requirement for RV Tow Check requires three inputs by the buyer or dealer. They are gross combination weight rating (GCWR), gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and the gross vehicle weight (GVW). The user has the option to select a fifth wheel hitch if it’s not already installed in the truck. Users may include any additional unscaled weight for cargo and additional passenger weight.

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