Aqua View Showermi$er Gains Favor with OEMs

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Last July, Aqua View unveiled its new Water-Saving product, the Showermi$er. Today, the product is now sold in 59 countries.

The Showermi$er gives an RV owner the ability to increase fresh and gray water tank capacity up to 40 percent without changing tanks or adding weight.

At April’s Newmar Dealer show in Indiana, Newmar displayed their new models for 2018. Among the new features, in both the 2018 Dutch Star and Ventana, is the Showermi$er, installed as standard equipment. The original Weekend Warrior (now made in Idaho) has been installing the Showermi$er as standard equipment since December.

“It is only a matter of time before the rest of the OEM market will follow suit,” said Gus Searcy, president of Aqua View. “Wasting water is something that every RV owner is very conscious of, for both practical reasons (to increase the time out in the RV) and for environmental reasons (to conserve this valuable and precious resource). As more of them find there is now a way to prevent wasting water the demand for our products will only increase. Additionally, more companies are adopting Green Thinking as part of their business model and finding benefits at both the practical and social consciousness levels.”

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