ARC Representation Aims to Give Dealers New Look

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Since he and his partners began the company in December last year, ARC Representation Managing Partner Raymond Padgett has been busy through its first season.

ARC hopes to help dealers spice up store displays like the one above with a new rotating end-cap program for dealers.

Over the first eight months, the company has added sales personnel and in-field representatives, all while finding business with dealerships and inking representation deals with 10 supplier partners.

Padgett said the goal in December was to find between 10 and 12 partners to work closely with the new rep agency, and he hopes they’ll soon add two more to round out the field.

“It has been an interesting first eight months. We’re up to 10 clients and we’ve always said we wanted to be between 10 and 12,” he said. “We’ve got two more that we think should be on the verge of signing up so we’ll be at 12 shortly.”

This week, the company debuted a new initiative to help dealers keep marketing displays in high-traffic areas.

The program, titled Rotating End-Caps & Plan-O-Grams, aims to keep dealer storefronts fresh to their customers by changing up special product displays that cap isles in a dealer’s parts and accessories store.

ARC is providing the service in cooperation with its suppliers and hopes to deliver the service about once per quarter to its dealer partners.

“We’ll sit down with the dealer with our catalogue of end-caps and plan-o-grams, and walk through with them to see which ones appeal to them, or which ones will sell best in a particular area,” Padgett said. “He orders it from the distributor and we come in and set it up and make sure everything looks good.”

ARC Representation, which began late last year, currently has 10 supplier partners, but not all products lend themselves to the rotating displays.

Padgett said dealers could use the feature in several ways, not only attempting to boost sales of certain products, but also to try out new products.

“If you put in a plan-o-gram for a supplier that hasn’t been in the store, it gives them a few months to prove themselves in that location,” he said.

Some of the suppliers included in the new feature include Ultra-Fab, Adjust-A-Brush and ProPack products.


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