Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen

ASA Adds Engineer to Team

After interning with the company for two summers while he completed two bachelor’s degrees from the University Of Notre Dame, ASA Electronics hired Anthony Nguyen full time as a junior project engineer.

According to a news release, Nguyen’s primary responsibilities include product performance testing and engineering change orders, a document outlining potential product changes. Since his promotion he has had much more direct contact with vendors and suppliers overseas to improve product functionality.

“My experiences during my internship at ASA have given me a solid foundation that has made the transition into my new role go smoothly,” Nguyen said in the news release. “My previous knowledge of the products has made it easier to learn my new responsibilities and decreased the time needed for new hire training.”

Having completed both a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, company officials are confident that Nguyen has the education to back up his experience with the company. 

“As a new full time member of our product development team, Anthony is assisting with managing many of our active new development projects as well as providing a fresh perspective to our future product R&D efforts,” said Jerry Maffetone, vice president of engineering.

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