Terry Smith
Terry Smith

ASA Adds Engineering Tech

ASA Electronics has brought on Terry Smith to fill the role of engineering lab technician. Within the lab, Smith will be validating product designs to ensure long-term durability of each product. He also is tasked with detecting any potential material or performance weaknesses in order to maintain product quality.

“Before joining ASA, I developed over 20 years of global experience supporting electronics manufacture and quality assurance through all product development stages including design, manufacturing and testing. Additionally, I have designed, installed and/or supported thousands of audio, communication, entertainment and security systems in mobile, residential and industrial venues,” Smith said in a news release from ASA.

Eager to learn all of his new responsibilities quickly, Smith already has made a good impression in the engineering department at ASA Electronics, according to the release.

“Terry joins our growing Engineering team with extensive experience in electronics testing, programming and manufacturing. We are excited about the contributions he will make in our continuing focus to improve product performance and durability,” Jerry Maffetone, VP of Engineering.

“The positive attitude and cooperative nature of all ASA employees make ASA a great environment to foster a lasting and rewarding career. I also enjoy being able to evaluate and review electronics which I have been interested in since the age of 8,” Smith added.

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