ASA Debuts Wake Tower Speaker

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Polk Ultramarine

ASA Electronics’ Polk Ultramarine debuted its new Wake Tower Speaker (UMHCX69B), a speaker designed to project over 80 feet, the company said in a news release.

“This speaker matches the excellent quality and performance of our Polk brand and it rounds out our high end offering as a supplier,” ASA Electronics Marine Industry Manager Matt Wood said.

Featuring blue and white LED selectable accents, a white LED Dome Light, and a removable logo plate to allow for customization, boaters can finally have the exact look and feel they want for their wake tower. Additionally, 200-watt, 6-inch by 9-inch woofer, aluminum tweeter, and compression horn driver provide incredible sound for the full sensory experience.

“We designed the UMHCX69B in response to customer requests and are excited to complete our audio packages with a wake tower speaker. The sound quality is impeccable and exactly what we have been looking forward to. Its top of the line aesthetics will make any boater want to get out on the water and blast some tunes,” Wood said.


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