ASA Electronics Brings iN-Command to Redwood and Cameo Lines

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ASA Electronics has expanded the reach of its iN-Command System by including the sytem in Redwood and Cameo lines which will debut at the RV Open House Extravaganza next week.

Designed by ASA Electronics, this system allows for full control over RV functions including everything from lights to slide outs via a smart device.

“Redwood and Cameo are extremely excited to be introducing the iN-Command system to our customers,” said Tim Cress, national sales manager for the Redwood product lines. “The unified wiring system makes identifying circuits a breeze. To further the fluidity and ease of the troubleshooting process, a customer can easily identify any problems right on their mobile device through the iN-Command app. The app also provides the user with the ability to remotely operate many features on their unit. These are elements that we wanted to bring to our customers. At Redwood RV, we want the best for our customers, and by incorporating the iN-Command system we are providing them with the best in system controls.”

“We love that this move provides even more RVers with the option to take home innovation on the road with them. My favorite feature of the iN-Command System is the ability to use your smart device to control it. You never have to worry about a lost remote with our system,” Jim Hess, RV OEM account manager at ASA Electronics said.

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