ASA Electronics Releases TPMS App

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ASA Electronics is expanding its selection of iN∙Command products with its new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The iN∙Command TPMS uses Bluetooth technology and waterproof sensors to monitor tire pressure and temperature in real time. The sensors can be paired with the specialized iN∙Command TPMS app, available on Android and Apple smartphones, to monitor up to 22 tires simultaneously.

The base four-sensor system (NCTP100) includes four waterproof sensors, a Bluetooth repeater, four anti-theft locking bolts, and a special wrench needed to unlock the bolts. The repeater extends the Bluetooth signal for longer vehicle applications when mounted between the smartphone and rear tires. A two-sensor system (NCTP1002) with anti-theft bolts and locking wrench is also available (repeater not included).

The iN∙Command TPMS can be used independent of an iN?Command control system but can be integrated into the iN∙Command app for ease of use.

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