Association for RV Technicians Goes Online, Hires Administrator

The RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA) announced today that it wrapped up work on its website and officially launched this week.

The association’s website will serve as a portal to connect certified and registered technicians with consumers around North America looking for someone to fix their RVs.

More than 700 technicians are already eligible to have profiles listed on the website, said Stephanie Henson, director of administration for the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA), which provides training for eligible certifications programs such as RVTAA, as well as the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA).

Just as inspector profiles appear on the NRVIA site, technician profiles now appear on the RVTAA website as soon as a technician completes training and earns certification. Technicians can provide their current information for consumers to find them in various geographic locations they work.

“RVTAA exists to provide support and resources for any technician who completed formal training at any accredited technical school providing courses specifically for RV technicians,” said Henson.

“The RV industry has lacked a way to identify and connect hundreds of mobile RV technicians scattered around the country. RVTAA will establish that network and provide valuable services to technicians and consumers who hire them,” she said. “As of today, RVTAA provides a strong network of technicians to support the growing number of RVers across North America.”

Membership in RVTAA is open to any registered, certified or master certified technician, whether they work independently as self-employed or mobile RV technicians, or they work for an RV dealership, supplier or manufacturer. It entitles technicians to enjoy several features, including:

  • Continuing education training and information about other industry-taught classes.
  • Business resources, such as access to various insurance policies.
  • Access to parts and supplies at discounted rates.
  • A listing on RVTAA’s technician locator, which millions of RVers can access to find service.

“The tech locator will be a huge boost to member businesses,” said Henson. “RV dealerships are overwhelmed in preparing new and used RVs for sale and delivery to customers, and in competing warranty work after the sale. RVTAA can help connect consumers to trained technicians who can fix RVs onsite at an RVer’s home or at a campground.”

Members of the association also have access to a private online forum, where they can ask questions and get answers in near real-time.


The NRVIA also has a new staff member. Renee Wynsma was hired in June to serve as the day-to-day administrator for RVTAA as development work on the new association was nearing completion. She also acts as a point-of-contact for the organization. Now, Wynsma will be serving as director of administration for NRVIA as well. For both associations, she will handle billing, oversee testing and credentialing for new members as well as process renewals and help members meet continuing education requirements.

A native of Michigan, Wynsma is a full-time RVer along with her husband, Ken. Both of them have completed training and are credentialled as certified RV inspectors, while Ken is also a certified RV technician and Renee is a registered RV technician.

Currently, Ken serves as a teaching assistant at NRVTA, which opened the door for Renee to assume the administrative position to support technicians and inspectors.

“The fact Renee and her husband have both completed training at NRVTA and work as inspectors and technicians really gives her credibility to lead both membership associations,” said Todd Henson, NRVTA director of education and an RVTAA Master Certified RV technician who serves as the academy’s lead technical instructor.

“When our graduates leave the school, many of them are ready to pursue opportunities as independent business owners. Whether they become mobile technicians, RV inspectors or both, they need strong associations backing them up,” he added. “Renee knows what they need to be successful, and she is now in a position to deliver those services.”

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