Australia’s EarthCruiser Breaks into U.S. at Arizona’s Overland Expo April 1-3

Australian off-road camper truck manufacturer, EarthCruiser, announced it is breaking into the U.S. market, an article by the Cabooture Shire Herald reported.

In a sign of the company’s commitment, EarthCruiser managing director Lance Gillies has moved to the United States for two years to sell the two-person go-anywhere camper.

“The RV market is enormous and so is our potential,’’ Gillies told the paper. “We plan on only 10 (US sales) this year, and building slowly from there.”

There has already been a good response.

“We did a soft launch last week, not focused on sales, just an opportunity to show off EarthCruiser,” he said. “It was a great success, lots of interest and genuine appreciation of the quality of workmanship and thought that has gone into the vehicle.”

Most recently, EarthCruiser was at the Overland Expo in Amado, Ariz., from April 1-3.

EarthCruisers for the U.S. market will be made in Caboolture, Australia alongside the existing model, the Cabooture Shire Herald said.

“Left-hand-drive (Mitsubishi) Fuso chassis will be sent to our workshop, transformed into EarthCruisers and either shipped back to the U.S. or the clients will begin their world travels in Queensland,” Gillies told the paper. “Systems are pretty much the same for left or right-hand drive, the layout is different with the entry door on the other side.”

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