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Bandits Nab Demontrond RV Forklift, Steal ATM

Thieves stole a forklift from Demontrond RV and used it to pull an outdoor ATM from the ground at a credit union in north Houston, Texas.

This story by Cathy Hernandez originally appeared in Click 2 Houston.

When deputies arrived around 5 a.m. Monday, they found the heavy-duty forklift sitting in the drive-thru of the Primeway Federal Credit Union.

The thieves and the ATM were gone. Officials said the ATM was pulled out of the ground of the building on Dominion Park Drive along the North Freeway and hauled away in a truck.

A sticker on the forklift lead to Demontrond RV along the North Freeway, which is a short distance away from the credit union.

The thieves drove the forklift off the lot, damaging the gate, pulling a pole from the ground and breaking the lock and chain.

There’s no word on how much money was inside the ATM.

The forklift was worth an estimated $52,000.

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