Banks Power Unveils Air Density Sensor Module

Banks Power recently introduced the AirMouse ambient air density module, the first in its line of intelligent sensors for the iDash 1.8 Super Gauge.

Designed to measure the power potential of air entering aspirated, turbo, and supercharged engines, the Banks AirMouse is a military-grade weather station with scientific accuracy, the company stated. The waterproof module utilizes a Gortex vent to allow for measurement of pressure, temperature, and humidity while protecting the electronics inside. The AirMouse sends data over the Banks Bus Network to the iDash 1.8 for monitoring and data logging.

The mouse-shaped sensor module mounts in the vehicle’s grill or air intake to constantly monitor the characteristics of the available air, which directly impacts engine performance.

The module adds 11 new parameters to the iDash 1.8 giving users the ability to view, data log, monitor min/max values, and set custom alerts for all AirMouse data. The module measures ambient air density mass, ambient air density percentage, ambient air pressure, ambient air temperature, density altitude, pressure altitude, relative humidity, absolute humidity, and offers SAE J607 and SAE J1349 correction factors. The AirMouse even measures grains of water per pound of dry air.

“In 60 years of racing, I’ve never had a tuning tool like this,” said Gale Banks. “The information that can be gleaned from the AirMouse with iDash 1.8 is astounding. It’s basically everything you need to know to tune an engine and compute your dyno density correction factor and corrected horsepower. And, the AirMouse considers humidity when calculating air density. Others don’t, effecting accuracy. Also, the AirMouse is the perfect tool for tuning all carbureted and non-electronic fuel injected engines.”

The Banks AirMouse (part No. 66420) is available via Banks Power authorized dealers and for $169. Banks iDash 1.8/AirMouse combo will display environmental data on all vehicles, even those without an OBD connection.

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