Bauer Products Debuts Keyed Alike System

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Keyed Alike Display

Popular in the horse trailer industry, the Bauer Products, makers of door latches, introduced the Keyed Alike System to the RV industry.

The product allows OEM, dealer or consumer to standardize all of their Bauer RV Handles to work with one key. 

“Consumers have complained for years about having too many keys to keep track of for their coach,” Bauer President of Engineering Bruce Bacon said. “We’ve always had the capability and now we have the interest in the RV market.”

Bauer Products has developed this system to easily key alike an RV with its family of RV Handles. Bauer’s entry doors, compartment doors, cam locks, and bar locks are inclusive of this Keyed Alike System.

With 60 different key options, it gives security with convenience. Visit or toll free at 1-866-682-2837.

Bauer Products has been making door handles since 1958.

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