Better Vantage Point Launches Online Feedback Site

Better Vantage Point logo

Dealer consulting firm Better Vantage Point, which specializes in dealer compliance and risk mitigation, has announced a new website,, that gives a company’s  employees and customers – should they be upset with the business – an anonymous outlet to vent as an alternative to posting their grievances to a wider audience on the internet.

Better Vantage Point provides marketing materials that dealers can post throughout their dealership or business along with QR codes to guide the user to a landing page. The company then reports the anonymous feedback to the dealership’s management.

“As the dealer, you want customers and employees to know you are always listening,” said Tom Kline, lead consultant and founder for Better Vantage Point, of the new offering. Using the website, he said, “promotes and encourages private, anonymous venting, preventing online complaints; provides both employees and customers a controlled outlet; (and) delivers you the opportunity to resolve problems before they become expensive.”

The website is offered as part of Better Vantage Point’s “Dispute Resolution” services.

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