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Blue Ox Pleased by New Tow Bar’s Reception

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Blue Ox’s innovative new Avail motorhome mounted tow bar is getting high marks from motor coach owners who want to take their cars or trucks with them as they travel, according to Blue Ox President and CEO Ellen Kietzmann.

“The Avail has many new features that appeal to motor coach owners that were previously unavailable on motorhome mounted tow bars including improved turning radius with better cornering, more maneuverability and smoother towing over rough roads,” Kietzmann said. “With the Avail, the motorhome maneuvers around gas pumps with greater ease and keeps the towed vehicle safely away from the motorhome in tight turns.”

“I love the look of the Avail, but more importantly, I can easily hook it up all by myself,” Avail owner Pat Walbrecht of Lincoln, Neb., said.

The Avail features the Blue Ox name in a raised, gold-toned badge. The arms are painted in a premium metallic copper paint. This distinctive new look increases “curb appeal” and more closely matches the colors used in the designs found on today’s motor coaches and will attract attention from other RVers who see it at campgrounds.

The Avail has a 10,000-pound tow capacity accommodating virtually all cars and pickups. It is constructed with high-quality tempered steel ensuring long life and durability and backed by a three-year warranty.

The Avail features patented non-binding latches that release easily under any conditions, and no interference, low-profile handle design.

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