Blue Ox Suspends Some Production Functions

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Blue Ox/Automatic is temporarily suspending some production functions at its facilities in Pender and Lincoln, Neb. This action is in response to the national spread of coronavirus, the national emergency associated with the virus, and unforeseeable change in business circumstances that have accompanied it.

These steps are designed to lower the probability of coronavirus exposure to employees. Blue Ox/Automatic will remain open to produce and fill incoming orders, assist with customer care, sales support, distribution, and essential activity to support its dealers and customers. Production will adjust to incoming orders accordingly.

Blue Ox intends to pay associates affected through pay period ending April 3. Benefits and health insurance will be ongoing for associates throughout the suspension period. Executive, management, and some associate compensation will be reduced.

The Blue Ox/Automatic team has been in contact with the Nebraska State Department to offer the utilization of its production and distribution facilities in the event the facility could be converted for necessary items to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Blue Ox officials are also exploring ways to assist front line health care professionals including potential utilization or conversion of on-site campground and Jay Hesse Welcome Center.

Blue Ox/Automatic said it will continue to monitor COVID-19 and legislation associated very closely. It said it is committed to executing contingency plans including the exploration of state and federal programs as they are approved.

These measures ensure a safe work environment for employees and disciplined production strategies that benefit the company and its partners before resuming full operations, according to the company.


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