Bontragers Start Family Foundation

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The Bontrager family, who sold Jayco Inc. for $576 million to Thor Industries, has established a foundation to share their wealth in the community.

The Bontrager Family Foundation was established as part of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, according to the report from the South Bend Trinbune.

The foundation will continue the family’s charitable legacy that was started by Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, who founded Middlebury-based Jayco in 1968, according to Wilbur Bontrager, chairman of Jayco’s board.

“We wanted to continue our ability to support charities as we have in the past,” Bontrager said in a statement. “Family members will determine where to give gifts from the foundation.”

The new family foundation is among 84 personal funds that are part of the Community Foundation.


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