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Bowlus Unveils the All-New 2025 Rivet Travel Trailer

Bowlus, maker of performance luxury RVs, announced Thursday its new rugged travel trailer, the Rivet.

Although keeping the trademarked shape, the Rivet targets customers seeking adventure while still enjoying the brand’s positioning as a luxury RV, the company said.

“Bowlus has a long history of building RVs for a lifetime of adventures, and the Rivet certainly delivers on the Bowlus standard of incredible build quality while also offering features for rugged experiences. We don’t spend time with cute concepts as a privately held company. Instead, we do the tough work to make things happen, which means we deliver durable features that speak directly to RV owners,” said Geneva Long, founder and CEO of Bowlus.

The Rivet

Even with a compact floorplan, the Rivet offers a large separate bedroom with a king bed, an ensuite bathroom and a roomy living room and kitchen. It can also sleep up to four travelers.

Other features include power management systems with 8 kWh lithium and up to 660 watts of solar power generation; a three-inch lift kit; a flyweight GVWR of 3,500 pounds; the Onyx indoor decor package, which is a color palette with matte black detailing; plus other add-ons, such as AeroMove, which the company said allows the RV to be self-propelled, self-powered and remote-controlled.

“AeroMove is something campers have only dreamed about until now. We have been quietly working on this feature for over five years to hone the best functionality for our customers — we are so pleased to feature this game-changing technology,” said Long.

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