BR Wholesale: Striving to Break Distributor Catalog Mold

BR Wholesale has released its annual catalog, and the distributor said there are a number of things that make its catalog different than those of competitors. Specifically, BR Wholesale noted that it released its catalog later in the year than competitors, and said there are various features and illustrations throughout the catalog that do not fit the model of a ‘traditional’ distributor catalog.

One adaptation was to release the catalog in March 2010, much later than the traditional late November, early December timeframe. This change was made in part to allow for the inclusion of more new and enhanced products that are unveiled by suppliers around the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. (The cut-off for inclusion in a distributor catalog typically falls around July or August of the year prior.)

BR Wholesale also included interactive symbols throughout the catalog to guide the reader to the website. These symbols include references to videos and interactive technical content to allow for more detailed information, which ensures dealerships and service centers have all the information required to make the proper buying decisions.

Another change was to eliminate the hard copy price list and restrict the distribution to electronic formats. According to the distributor, not only does it save money, it reduces the overall paper consumption. With this adjustment, coupled with a change in format to the catalog, BR Wholesale said it was able to eliminate more than one-third of its paper usage over previous years.

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