Brand Motion to Launch Rearview Mirror LCD

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Backing up a trailer can require, at times, a barrage of mirrors and external cameras. The effect on the RVer might be one of whiplash from checking corners in a funhouse of images. But Jeff Varick, founder and CEO of Brand Motion, wanted to turn what could be a daunting experience to a first-time RVer into a comforting one – or at least more confident.

That’s the philosophy behind the FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror. Rather than rigging external monitors and a plethora of backup cameras, FullVUE simplifies the process. It utilizes one 170-degree, wide angle camera that attaches to the pickup and replaces the average rearview mirror with an LCD touchscreen. It still functions as rearview mirror, but when in reverse, the touchscreen display becomes the eyes of the trailer in 1080p HD clarity.

The first iteration of the FullVUE launches the first week of September with an MSRP of $399.95. The second iteration – an extended camera that can mount to a trailer with a coupling at the receiver – will come later called Transparent Trailer. Both will be available through Meyers Distributing and NTP-STAG.

“I think it’s going to be a really excellent feature for SUVs, pickup trucks, Jeeps – any vehicle where it’s hard to see out the back,” said Varick. “The Transparent Trailer is always on. You’re always able to see behind your vehicle and not only when you’re in reverse. So, I think that’s just going to be an unbelievable feature for people to be able to see clearly behind them at all times.”

The FullVUE mirror initially turned heads earlier this year during the NTP-STAG Expo. Since then, Brand Motion has been fine-tuning the user experience to hone many of its features, like the 60 frames-per-second refresh rate, full touchscreen for adjustments. All of it leads to increased seamless integration and heightened safety.

When the supplier first began in 2006 – many of its team members coming from General Motors and Chrysler – the focus was on vehicle personalization and interior features, like rear-seat entertainment. Gradually, the company shifted towards OEM projects involving rear vision, i.e. blind-spot monitoring and sensors, with a later focus on off-road cameras as companies like GM made cameras mandatory on their vehicles.

The FullVUE and, soon, Transparent Trailer, next became Brand Motion’s focus – perfecting driver visibility with a quality performance.

“We’re trying to integrate it better than a suction cup display,” said Varick. “What we do is better integration.”

Come September, RVers will be able to rethink what rearview mirrors are capable of. For more information, visit

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