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Brinkley RV Forms Exclusive Partnership with SuperSprings

Brinkley RV

Brinkley RV and SuperSprings International have announced that SumoSprings will be the exclusive provider of a suspension upgrade, Trailer SumoSprings, that will come standard equipment on Brinkley’s newly released Model G toy-hauler.

SuperSprings International“This is the type of partnership that makes sense for us. When I first spoke with Adam years ago, I knew we shared a passion for the customer experience and creating things that stood out from the crowd,” said Brinkley co-owner and operating partner, Nate Goldenberg. “When we launched Brinkley, I knew I wanted SuperSprings International and the Trailer SumoSprings product to be part of the story. This is an unmatched suspension solution for trailers and we’re really proud to be the first to bring this type of journey to the OEM level.”

SuperSprings International has had success with its Trailer SumoSprings over the last several years. SSI put the product through rigorous third-party testing at the Navistar Proving grounds, and the data that came back confirmed what SSI’s customers had been experiencing. On average, Trailer SumoSprings reduces g-force vibration in a trailer by more than 68%. That reduction in vibration is a huge benefit in extending the life of the components in the trailer, reducing wear while driving, and provides protection for things like glass shower doors, cabinets, and other items that bounce around while driving to the campsite. In addition, the testing included a 60-mile-per-hour pass-by with a semi-truck to simulate the “suction” feeling that occurs on highways. It’s in these scenarios where the testing showed a 133% reduction in vertical axle displacement on average with some sections reduced by more than 400%. This dramatically reduced body roll and sway.

“We’re bringing back customer experience and product design to an industry that has unfortunately shifted in focus over the past few years”, said Brinkley’s director of marketing, Jeremiah Borkowski. “Brinkley is on a mission to build an exceptional experience and unmatched attention to detail. Every Brinkley RV is designed by an industry-leading expert who passionately focuses on making the experience truly memorable. That’s why we’ve pledged to live the lifestyle right alongside our customers and tweak the product based off our own camping experiences.”

SSI President, Adam Weisner, also commented on the announcement: “Today’s announcement is a big deal. In many ways, Trailer SumoSprings have been a personal project for me as it was the first product I experienced when I joined back in 2018. The first time I towed my trailer with my family, we were stunned at the difference. I knew then this product would become something really special. Nate and I have been talking for several years, so when he called me last summer and told me about how Brinkley RV was innovating the experience, I was in. In a market where towables sometimes can be built as cheaply as possible, it’s refreshing to see a brand truly investing in a customer experience focused, high quality, data-proven product. Many brands invest in the bells and whistles and ignore the fundamentals. Suspension on trailers hasn’t changed much because they’re sold parked. Anyone who has towed a trailer knows how much damage comes from the rolling earthquake. Brinkley RV is investing not only in designing a beautiful, innovative, and functional towable but building it on a solid foundation with the addition of Trailer SumoSprings.”

SSI products are standard equipment across the motorized RV segment, covering most large brands including Winnebago, Thor, Coachmen and others on Class A, B, and C. With today’s announcement Brinkley RV becomes the first and exclusive OEM partner for towables.

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