Burglars Loot Mississippi RV Dealer, Neighbors

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Jackson, Miss., police are searching for thieves who have lifted dozens of flat-screen TVs from several businesses, including auto and RV dealerships along Interstate 55.

Bo Black-Caney, who owns Caney Creek RV Center, said the robbers had burglarized his facility three times in the past six weeks, focusing primarily on his consignment RVs. 

Other RV businesses along the road have been victims of robbery too, including a lawnmower dealer and a Camping World that Black-Caney said had 17 units burglarized in one night.

“They got a car dealer who sells some motorhomes, they got me another night and they robbed (another dealership) the next night,” Black-Caney said. “It’s like every night they were hitting somebody. In five or six-weeks time, they’ve burglarized everybody.”

After the bandits first made their way into the dealership by clipping and lifting the bottom of a chain-link fence, Black-Caney reinforced the base of the fence.

“I put cross-ties all the way across the front of the fence and nailed the outside of the fence, so ain’t nobody going to lift that up,” he said.

But it didn’t stop the robberies. Not long after reinforcing the fence, the business was robbed again when thieves entered the lot through a neighbor’s yard.

After paying out-of-pocket to replace some of the stolen goods, Black-Caney said he is now driving his customer’s units to another facility, where they can be securely locked inside.

“We’ve got garage liability insurance, but that doesn’t cover things sitting outside for sale,” Black-Caney said. “We’re largely in the consignment business, so it has probably cost me somewhere in the area of $8,500 in out-of-pocket expenses to put the stuff back like it was because our customers are valuable to us.”

The businesses reported the robberies to the police, but when the break-ins continued, Black-Caney decided to contact a local news station in hopes of recruiting the community’s help in stopping the robberies.

“It’s not like you can sell 60 flat-screens down on the corner,” he said.

But some nearby businesses are reluctant to speak about the robberies, Black-Caney said, fearing bad publicity.

“If you just sit around and nobody says anything, we’re going to keep getting what we’ve been getting.


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