Business Insider Spotlights Jayco’s New Terrain

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Tiny homes on wheels have been in high demand since the start of COVID-19, and for now, its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

This year, wholesale RV shipments will likely “reach an all-time high” while continuing to grow through next year, according to data from the RV Industry Association.

One particular RV has grown the most in popularity over the past covid-plagued years: Class B RVs, or camper vans, Ryan Eash, Jayco‘s product director, told Insider.

According to Eash, camper vans are “currently an over 10,000-unit-a-year market, which has really doubled from the last 18 months.”

The 2022 Terrain
The 2022 Terrain

Unsurprisingly, amid this boom in popularity, Jayco has felt the pressure to expand its camper van lineup: “We’re going to continue to build our van portfolio as fast as we can,” Eash said.

“We have really felt over the past couple of years that we need to put a ton of focus in that van segment,” Eash said, noting the particularly “underserved” off-grid four-by-four market.

The company’s Terrain — which is just under 20 feet long — can sleep two people and seat four.

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