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California RV Dealership Catches Fire

A fire broke out just before 1 p.m. at A-M-V trading, an RV dealership on North Ventura Avenue just north of Seneca in Ventura, Calif.

This story by Sharon Carrillo originally appeared on KCOY News 12.

Ventura City Fire arrived on scene and found a large RV and multiple passenger vehicles on fire in a storage facility.

Ventura Fire performed a primary search to make sure there were no occupants in the RV or the vehicles.

The fire was contained to the RV and 4 passenger vehicles and firefighters knocked down and extinguished the main body of the fire within 23 minutes of initial 911 call.

The estimated damage to the RV and vehicles is approximately $75,000 and personal losses are estimated to be $10,000.

The final cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The Ventura City Fire Department would like to remind the public to ensure that all residences and businesses have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and have an evacuation plan.

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