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California RV Storage Business' Closing Sends Customers Scrambling

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Flying Bull

For more than a decade, Huntington Beach resident Ted Deits has spread the word about the inevitable closure of a 2,000-vehicle storage lot in Irvine, Calif.

When Deits first heard the rumors, he began looking into opening his own storage site in Orange County, the Orange County Register reports.

Stymied by a lack of affordable land, he headed to Riverside County and opened Eucalyptus at Beaumont, where customers could buy, rather than rent, RV storage garages.

Now it’s no rumor. Flying Bull RV Storage is set to close by Jan. 31. About 1,000 spaces have emptied in the past two months, according to co-owner Kevin Ingley, intensifying the demand for storage space in Southern California.

“If I had 100 units to sell today, I’d probably sell out in six months,” Deits said. But the 107 garages at Eucalyptus are already owned, although a few customers are looking to resell, he said.

Flying Bull RV Storage is one of several tenants that have had short-term leases with the expectation they would have to relocate as construction of the Great Park continues. Tierra Verde Industries, a green-waste composter, is another of those tenants.

A portion of the land where the RVs sit today is among the 688 acres being developed by FivePoint with sports fields and other recreational amenities for the city of Irvine, in exchange for permission to build more houses around the park.

The majority of the acreage is slated for a state veterans cemetery.


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