Camp Sight Debuts First in New Line of Backup Camera Systems

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Camp Sight, the newest division of Leisure Time Marketing, introduced the first product in its new line of backup camera systems, the LTMCSWF01.

This is the first product in the new line of Rear Observation Systems.

“We have been the go-to guys for RV camera systems for over a decade, now we have taken what we have learned and are introducing our own line,” VP of Sales and Marketing Mike Willhoff said.

The LTMCSWF01 allows the user to use an Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet as the monitor for their Rear Observation System.

“By alleviating the monitor out of the system we can offer a high quality system at a price point not available through the other suppliers,” according to the release. The product retails at a price of $329.99.

Install the small Wi-Fi transmitter, mount the infrared, waterproof camera, download the GoVue app and start using the system. 

Camp Sight says testing has shown the LTMCSWF01 will transmit up to 100 feet and 60 feet at 60mph. 

One of the features of the LTMCSWF01 is its capability to record video and still snapshots and store them on the device. Camp Sight also has introduced a complete line of RV approved Smartphone and tablet mounts, Maxx Mounts. 

These mounts will fit over 150 different models of phones and tablets. For more information, visit  or call  800-447-6825 ext. 29.


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