Camp365 to Expand National Dealer Program

Camp365 will unveil its new, nationwide dealer program at the West Campus of the Elkhart RV Open House, Sept. 23-26, in Elkhart, Ind. 

Made in Albia, Iowa, and Eden Prairie, Minn., and the product of 9 years of design, engineering, testing and patenting, this camper stores in less than 28 square feet of floor space and can fold out to a 700-cubic-feet cabin with enough headroom – 7 feet and 6 inches.

Its aerodynamic design and lightweight materials put it at 1,490 pounds. Features include dual-layer insulation, Truma propane heater, air conditioner, as well as a water system and a toilet.

“And with 83 cubic feet of dry storage and optional side carriers for bikes, paddle boards, and other favorite ‘weekend toys,’ our happy owners find they can pack heavy and for long stays,” said Camp365 CEO Kevin McGregor. “Our customers are storing their campers next to their family car in a standard garage, and even in storage sheds, and then taking them places no other camper can go. We’re seeing them using their Camp365 campers in ways we never imagined.”

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