Camping World Declares Regular, Special Dividend

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Camping World Holdings has announced that its board of directors declared a cash dividend of $0.15 per share on the company’s class A common stock and a cash distribution of $0.08 per common unit on CWGS Enterprises’ common units.

Payment is expected to be made on Dec. 30 to stockholders of record at the close of business on Dec. 16.

The Camping World class A common stock cash dividend is comprised of a regular quarterly cash dividend of $0.08 per share funded by the $0.08 per common unit cash distribution by CWGS Enterprises to all holders of its common units, and a $0.0732 per share special cash dividend representing a portion of excess tax distributions from CWGS Enterprises.

Future declarations of quarterly dividends are subject to the determination and discretion of Camping World’s board of directors based on its consideration of various factors, including the company’s results of operations, financial condition, level of indebtedness, anticipated capital requirements, contractual restrictions, restrictions in its debt agreements, restrictions under applicable law, its business prospects and other factors that Camping World’s board of directors may deem relevant. In addition to the regular quarterly dividend, Camping World intends to continue to pay a special cash dividend of all or a portion of excess tax distributions to holders of Camping World Class A common stock.

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