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Canada’s Safari Condo ‘Takes a Crack’ at the Ford Transit

Canada Safari Condo A series

The following is a product spotlight from Auto Evolution.

Folks, if the name Safari Condo sounds familiar, it might be because we’ve covered this crew’s work on several occasions; recently, their “most aerodynamic” A Series travel trailer was the object of discussion. Well, this time, we stray from travel trailer living and right into a fully equipped Class B RV. This brings us to the two Ford Transit layouts that Safari Condo currently offers, the XL Plus and XL Flex.

For starters, each of the two available floorplans is based upon the Series 3500 Transit with a GVWR of 5,000 kg (11,023 pounds) and rocking a 3.5L Turbo EcoBoost engine. Optionally, you can go for an AWD version if you and your adventures ask for more traction and control.

With a base vehicle chosen for this RV dream, Safari Condo then goes to town crafting an interior that, surprisingly, includes all the features and systems you need to live life on the road. Funny enough, not only for short periods of time but year-round living. If you’re planning on unedited ski trips, do look into that AWD option.

Now, from the outside, this Transit may end up looking just like any other campervan on the market, so the only real way that Safari Condo can stand apart from other teams and gun for your money is with a unique interior design, and frankly, this is the one big reason why I chose to bring this lineup to light; I’m more of a Sprinter fan.

Since Safari Condo is a Canadian crew, it’s really nice to see them incorporating design cues and features similar to what we see in campervans overseas, in Europe, to be precise. I’m talking about flawless countertops, LED lighting, smart use of compartments all over, and an open feeling to the enclosure, even though you’re literally crammed inside a box on wheels. Not to mention, just about every inch of these buggers are modular.

Also in the Plus, the rear seating bench is to be used as nothing more than a bed, and this is also one way the Plus and Flex differ. As I explored the images on the manufacturer’s website, I noticed that the Flex has an electric elevating bed in the process of creating one heck of a cargo hold. If you’re looking to bring along some e-bikes, skis and even some inflatable kayaks, the Flex might be the unit you want. Oh, and don’t worry, the Flex also hides a wet bath, but it just might not be as comfortable as the one in the Plus.

Another big difference between the two models is the overall interior arrangement. For instance, the Plus has the galley and countertop space sitting on the port side of the unit, while the Flex places it along the starboard side. The trick now is finding the unit that best suits your lifestyle, and to do that, you have to ask yourself some questions.

For instance, if you’re planning on living and working out of your XL, the Plus is the one you want. Yet, if you’re looking for a unit to use for adventurous days and toy-filled adventures, you might want to look into the Flex.

Read the full product spotlight from Auto Evolution here.

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