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Canadian RV Campground Owner Faces Massive Tax Bill

The owner of an RV campground in Pouch Cove, Ontario, Canada, is crying foul after tax changes have left him holding a projected bill that’s nearly eight times what he paid last year.

Dave Snow, owner of Marine Park, said a complex array of municipal tax changes last month have left him fuming.

“From $10,000 a year ago, the campground business alone will go up to over $78,000,” he said. “Not counting the RV, the propane, the self-storage – none of those included. It’s substantial.”

Snow says two things are at play. The taxes jumped because the municipal assessment agency split his one business into four, and determined his business is about more than just camping.

So, the town is now taxing him at a much higher rate — his campground mill rate alone goes from 14 mills to 70.

Click here to see the full report from CBC.

“We had some disagreements and miscommunications with the municipality,” he said, noting that the province sided with him after the town objected to families staying at the park year-round during the pandemic.

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