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Canyon Adventure Vans Introduces Stop-Stay System for Sprinter Vans

Photos courtesy of Canyon Adventure Vans.

Canyon Adventure Vans, provider of interior organization solutions for Class B adventure vans, announced the launch of its Stop-Stay Safety System.

Engineered specifically for 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter vans, this new system features patent-pending door pistons that ensure effortless door opening and prevent unexpected closures, the company said, offering enhanced safety and convenience for Sprinter van owners.

The Stop-Stay Door Pistons are designed to address a common challenge faced by Sprinter van enthusiasts — the struggle to keep doors open securely, especially in windy conditions or on uneven terrain. This system includes gas struts that facilitate smooth door opening and hold the doors in place, regardless of environmental factors.

Features of the Stop-Stay Safety System include:

    • Ease of Opening: Open Sprinter’s rear doors with a smooth, gliding motion.
    • Stay Open Feature: Doors securely stay in place, unaffected by wind or sudden movements.
    • Enhanced Safety: Protect cargo and passengers from unexpected door closures.
    • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.
    • Easy Installation: Hassle-free setup with all necessary brackets and mounting hardware included.

“We’re excited to introduce the Stop-Stay Safety System, a solution that enhances the usability and safety of Mercedes Sprinter vans,” said Jason Vigil, CEO and founder at Canyon Adventure Vans. “This product reflects our commitment to innovation and addressing real-world challenges faced by adventure van owners.”

The Stop-Stay Safety System is available for purchase now and is compatible with VS30 Sprinter vans (2019-present). Each kit includes pistons for both doors and comes with all required mounting hardware.

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