CellTuck Adds Messaging Option to Site Capabilities

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CellTuck released its newest updates to its web portal services earlier this week, adding the ability for dealers to add text message alerts and more quickly add links on their dealership site.

“These updates are easily controlled,” CellTuck Director Angela Cellucci said in a news release. “Most importantly our clients will make the choice whether or not they want to use them or not.  Entering a mobile number turns it on. Remove it, and it is turned off.  It is that simple.”

When visiting a client site, visitors have the option of clicking the “text us now” button and sending a message to the dealership.

To access the function, a dealer can log into the CellTuck website console and click onto the mobile management tool. There, the dealer can enter a cell phone number and create the button to read anything they like. The update allows the dealer to swap out the number quickly or even turn it off.

In addition, CellTuck also updated its portal to give dealers the option to add multiple links.

“Whether third party or a link within the client site, it’s easy,” Cellucci said. “Some are using this new feature of third party financing and upcoming event links.”

The last update included the option of adding a trade form.  This also can be controlled along with the button text.

To learn more about this new update, click here.


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