CellTuck, Carpenter’s Campers Debut Online Parts Store

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CellTuck announced today that Pensacola, Fla.-based Carpenter’s Campers is the first to have launched the software provider’s new parts store. 

CellTuck is a programming partner with Shopify, an eCommerce provider. They’ve built connectivity with the parts providers so the stores have direct fulfillment as well as pricing and quantity updates.

The nuts and bolts of the store are built, including all the connectivity, price, and quantity checks. The data file is loaded and the store features thousands of parts, categories, and sub-categories.

Dealers have the option of adding their own parts alongside their providers and the store was built to recognize parts numbers and knows which parts are not to be fulfilled.

The dealer has the option of rewriting the descriptions so the store is relevant and allows for a stronger SEO presence.

To learn more and view a video showing the features of the store, click here.


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