CellTuck Launches Dynamic GeoPricing

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CellTuck has debuted its latest service update, called Dynamic Geo Pricing, a tool that gives clients control of pricing delivery via email to their prospects, according to a news release. 

The system allows customer websites to deliver pricing to their visitors based on their location. This means a website visitor that is within a designated zip code will receive either a higher or lower price based on the dealer’s choice. 

“Pricing by location is an awesome way for RV Dealers to manage pricing by low balling internet pricing delivery within their competitions zip codes,” the company said in a news release.

Dealers can create a master list or can fine tune pricing per unit.

Once the dealer creates the layers of pricing, their website knows the location (zip code) of the visitor and delivers the higher or lower price.  Email notification to the dealer alerts them of the pricing.

Our Dynamic GeoPricing is certainly an amazing tool and is now available for immediate use. 

To learn, visit CellTuck’s website


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