CellTuck Rolls Out a Site Customizing Feature

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CellTuck clients now have access to style their websites through the company’s CSS editing panel.

Angie Cellucci shared how dealerships don’t want a cookie-cutter look and how important it is to all clients to be creative with their websites.

“Access now invites our clients to style not only their desktop website but more importantly their responsive or mobile,” she said in a news release. “Our clients can include or hide any part of their site on their fully responsive one. Through the CSS panel, they can certainly be as creative as they like. For those clients that choose to remain with full mobile, they too can style their mobile site with backgrounds, colors, and multiple layout choices.”

For dealerships that  don’t have a graphics and styling team skilled at CSS editing, Cellucci said that CellTuck’s graphics and styling team is there to assist.

Clients can add new pages with a click, graphics, and tons of ready to use widgets.

“We want our client sites to all be unique and this allows for that,” Cellucci said.

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