CellTuck Upgrades Heat Map Tool

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CellTuck announced it had improved its Heat Map Technology, a tool introduced by the company several years ago that allows clients to profile visitors.  

“Some years ago, we first introduced our dynamic heat mapping tool,” Angela Cellucci said in a news release. “Heat mapping is an important feature that allows our clients to profile visitors as each impression leaves a mark on the software.  Multiple marks create more heat on the map.  The more heat, the more activity.”

“Since we’ve continued to grow our software, our Grid Builder offers so many more options.  This new upgrade allows our heat map software to deliver the results our clients are looking for.

“Our heat map technology is built right into our client sites.  They can view any pages at any time and even refresh and start new.  That’s an awesome feature if a client is starting a new promotion and wants to track impressions.”


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