CheapHeat Releases a New Kit

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RV Comfort Systems recently introduced its 2 Stage 30/50 Add-on Kit for existing CheapHeat All Electric Furnace and Hybrid systems. The kit allows customers to upgrade their system so it will operate on either 30- or 50-amp shore power services.

This kit will determine whether an RV is plugged into a 30- or 50-amp shore power, and automatically switch to low heat when on a 30-amp service, and medium or high heat when attached to a 50-amp shore power service.

The All Electric Furnace is self-contained, and has its own blower and control system where the hybrid system is an add-on assembly to any propane RV furnace. The hybrid allows RVers to simply flip a switch to change back and forth between propane and electricity to heat the interior of the coach. Both systems employ CheapHeat’s UL-certified and RVIA-compliant tungsten heating coil powered by 120V or 240V AC to provide the heat.

It can be configured into three different wattage ratings (1,800, 3,750 and 5,000 W) depending on the shore power limitations. With the new 2-Stage option, the systems will automatically shift back and forth between wattage outputs based on shore power inputs.

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