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Chinook to Debut Several New Features at Open House

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Chinook RV announced the release of its Direct Fire Suppression System and other features as well, including the availability of Starlink Internet as an option on our motorhomes.

  1. Direct Fire Suppression System: The all-new Direct Fire Suppression System sets a higher standard for safety in the RV industry. Using strategically placed fire suppressants, this technology swiftly detects and suppresses flames, minimizing damage and ensuring the well-being of Chinook’s RV owners and their families.
  2. Expion 360 Lithium Battery System: Chinook RV’s Expion 360 lithium battery system, paired with Victron components, this system offers longer-lasting power, the company said. Additionally, B+ models feature a remarkable standard of 600 watts of solar power, while our B models offer 300 watts of solar power.
  3. Truma Aventa Air Conditioner: The Truma Venta Air Conditioner features smart technology and user-friendly controls, and delivers efficient and reliable cooling.
  4. Timberline Hydronic Gas or Diesel On-Demand Water and Heat System: Chinook’s Timberline Hydronic System offers on-demand hot water and heating, providing instant access to these comforts when needed.
  5. Online Package – Starlink Internet: Chinook RVs is offering the option of Starlink Internet for its motorhomes.

Lastly, Chinook is introducing an all-new floorplan for the Summit and Maverick B+ models.

“We are excited to unveil these remarkable enhancements to our motorhome lineup,” said Phil Rizzio, president of Chinook RV. “With the Murphy Bed Floor Plan in the Chinook Summit, and Maverick. The Rear Sofa Floor Plan in the Class B Bayside, we aim to revolutionize the way people travel and experience the joys of the road. Paired with our new Standard Fire Suppression System and easy to use 360 Lithium powered LP Free RVs, we continue to strive for excellence in simplicity, safety, comfort, and sustainability.”

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