Clean Seal Urges Awareness on New Fuel Hose Standards

Clean Seal Inc. has put out a statement related to the federal government’s new 2020 CARB (California Air Resources Board) Standards and how they will affect “most, if not all,” of the company’s customers when the changes go into effect early this year.

Clean Seal’s automotive hose division has produced RV motorized chassis/Non-motorized (gensets) fuel lines for more than 20 years.

The company said that Steve Peach, sales manager for its automotive hose division, has worked extensively with CARB, RVIA, and the Ford Motor Co. during this update in regulations, and said his expertise will make sure all of its customers remain compliant of the various codes and standards set forth within the industries it serves. By mid-year 2021, the new CARB Standards will be monitored by agencies like RVIA.

“Rest assured, our current CARB Approved fuel hose (SAE J30R9) remains in compliance with both CARB and RVIA for a limited time,” the company said. “Our new SAE J30R9 ULTRA has the proper CARB Executive Orders documents assigned to it and is expected to be available mid-year 2021. Once the SAE J30R9 ULTRA is available, we will be able to ship this product to our various motorized customers. The new CARB Standards for the SAE J30R9 ULTRA Fuel Hose will continue to meet the Ford chassis recommendations.

“Our SAE J30R14T2 ‘High Pressure’ fuel hose can be used as an alternate for the SAE J30R9 ULTRA per CARB, RVIA, and several other regulatory agencies.  In some cases, the SAE J30R14T2 fuel hose can be a cost-effective alternative to the SAE J30R9 ULTRA. This hose can be used for both motorized and non-motorized units.

“For those customers who build non-motorized, toy hauler style travel trailers, fifth wheel units, cargo trailers, or horse trailers that utilizes an on board genset, our CARB-Approved SAE J30R11 product will remain the fuel line of choice. It is one of our most common products we will have in stock.”


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