CLEAR20 Introduces DirtGUARD Filter

Miramar, Fla.-based CLEAR20, makers of a variety of water filtratration systems and related products, has launched its newest filtration product, the DirtGUARD.

The company says the DirtGUARD is the industry’s first inline sediment filter for RVs. Designed for use with most inline RV carbon filters, it’s made to specifically eradicate one of the most common issues RV users experience with their water quality – sediment.

The company claims its product is the first-ever inline sediment filter for RVs.

“RVers have needed a product like DirtGUARD for quite some time,” said Keith Bernard, CEO of CLEAR2O and designer of the DirtGUARD. “Campground water is notorious for containing large amounts of sediment, not to mention silt, sand, rust and other particulates that can clog filters and RV’s plumbing fixtures. If the carbon in the filter becomes coated by sediments, then water can’t properly pass through, and the filter is no longer able to do its job.

“DirtGUARD blocks sediment at a 20-micron level, prolonging the life of your inline filter so you can get the cleanest water possible and the most use out of your filter. DirtGUARD is designed to work in concert with most inline RV water filter brands that fit a standard water hose. By combining an existing inline RV filter with DirtGUARD, RVers will have a highly sophisticated, two-stage, inline RV filtration system that is both cost-effective and easy to store and maintain.”


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