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Cleer Vision Boosts Tempered Glass Production Capacity

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Cleer Vision Tempered Glass, an Airxcel brand, recently enhanced its production capabilities with the installation of a new tempered glass oven at its Elkhart, Indiana, facility.

The strategic update not only significantly increases production efficiency while using less energy but also positions Cleer Vision to expand its manufacturing outreach beyond the RV industry, specifically to better serve the overhead door industry they serve today, the company said.

Marc Disher, sales manager at Cleer Vision, highlighted the strategic benefits of this new installation, noting its role in boosting production capacity and ensuring operational continuity even during maintenance periods. The move is part of a larger investment strategy aimed at strengthening market leadership and reducing lead times, affirming Cleer Vision’s commitment to meeting customer demands promptly and efficiently.

“With operations already underway, Cleer Vision continues to demonstrate its dedication to growth and innovation by actively participating in industry events and associations, such as the International Door Association and the IDA Expo in Las Vegas. This commitment not only underscores the brand’s dedication to the overhead door market but also its overall mission to lead and innovate within the industry,” Cleer Vision said.

Cleer Vision is comprised of three divisions – Cleer Vision Windows, Cleer Vision Tempered Glass and Cleer Vision Doors – working to serve the building needs of the RV industry. Cleer Vision has been an Elkhart company since its inception in 2003, joining the Airxcel family of brands in 2021.

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