CM Truck Beds Releases T-Handle Latches

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At the 2020 NTEA Work Truck Show, CM Truck Beds will debut several exciting new products and updates to existing beds. Chief among these is a new T-handle compression latch design, which promises improved weather protection and enhanced performance, according to the company.

CM Truck Beds’s new T-handle compression latch design features a longer travel path, which results in a tighter seal. A pressure-molded plastic tray aids in the prevention of rust and corrosion, while an inlaid rubber seal provides a consistent seal around the perimeter of the latch.

As a result, items stored inside toolboxes are better protected from the elements that can enter and cause tools to corrode.

Further, CM’s new T-handle latches feature a heavy-duty offset stainless-steel handle for easy operation with a gloved hand, while a keyhole cover prevents the key cylinder from freezing up in frigid temperatures.

“We’re excited to introduce this innovative feature during this year’s Work Truck Show,” said CM Vice President Joe Lewis. “As we roll out the new latches across our lineup in spring 2020, we’re confident that our customers will appreciate this change and value the improved weather protection our toolboxes will provide.”


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