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CoachGuard Fabric Coming to Stone Vos

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Stone Vos, a leader in RV slide topper and awning aftermarket fabric replacements, announced it will now be offering CoachGuard acrylic fabric for all of its RV awning product lines.

CoachGuard, a brand owned by Stone Vos, is one of the world’s highest quality acrylic fabrics. Made under contract by a European textile mill, CoachGuard is weaved and finished differently than other acrylic fabrics on the market.

“Our CoachGuard is weaved so as to prevent shrinkage and stretch in our RV awning products. The final finish that is applied is also of very high quality and includes mildew and UV inhibitors,” said Ingrid Throgmartin, president of Stone Vox. “We have stringent standards and we demand the very best from our manufacturers and CoachGuard meets and exceeds our expectations.”

The 100 percent solution dyed acrylic, which is manufactured using premium fibers, CoachGuard comes with a non-prorated, 10-year warranty. “When you combine our fabric offerings with our PTFE thread and dual row stitching you have an awning or slide topper product that will last a decade or more which is why we offer the best warranty in the industry,” commented Throgmartin. Stone Vos has maintained a 0.02 percent warranty claim rating for 11 years. Its 10-year warranty policy also includes workmanship and thread.

Stone Vos launched their own vinyl fabric brand, Migliore in 2015. Manufactured to their stringent quality standards Migliore is the heaviest and most rugged vinyl offered in North America.

“We have spec’ed our Migliore for Marine Corp.’s sentry stations. It is an amazing performer in wind, rain and high UV Ray installations and no specifications are harder to meet then the U.S. military. It has a tear tensile strength of over 700 pounds and is fire retardant not to mention it is a poured vinyl and not a laminated vinyl,” said Throgmartin.

For more information, visit www.stonevos.com.

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