Coachmen’s Galleria Earns Gold Level ’Green’ Rating

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Coachmen’s Galleria Class B Motorhomes have become Certified Green by TRA Certification.

The company will begin labeling the RVs with TRA’s green label and have earned the Gold level of certification, according to a news release from TRA.

“This group of people was a pleasure to work with and were striving to earn the highest certification level they could,” Mandy Leazenby said.

With regards to Resource Efficiency, the Galleria plant recycles or reuses over 50 percent of manufacturing waste. They utilize multiple jig systems to reduce waste and maximize material usage. The Galleria incorporates flooring and insulation that includes recycled content and the flooring also contains sustainable, raw bio-based material. Several materials are cut to size by the supplier and the units incorporate materials with recycled content.

In the category of Energy Efficiency, the RVs are soap pressurized for leaks as well as sample tested in a rain booth to ensure a durable product. The RVs include LED lighting along with a duct-free cooling system and each unit is solar powered!

These RVs are also Water Efficient by containing a low-flow kitchen faucet, showerhead & toilet. Plus, the water used for rain booth testing and water line testing is also recycled.

The Galleria Class B incorporates very little carpeting which makes for easy clean-up and healthier Indoor Air Quality. They also use low VOC interior sealants. Ductwork is located above the floor so dirt, dust and other contaminants aren’t being re-introduced into the air. Low-VOC flooring and formaldehyde-free insulation are also beneficial to the indoor environment. To top it off, the units are cleaned with low-VOC products.

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