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Coleman-Mach to Host First Owners’ Online Training Seminars

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Coleman-Mach, an Airxcel brand, announced its first online training seminar specifically for RV owners.

The class will cover basic air conditioner care and maintenance and is exclusively for RV owners, taught by Mike Dickey, tech support coordinator. It will cover basic topics like:

  • What causes my air conditioner to freeze up?
  • Filter maintenance
  • How to avoid tripping breakers or circuit overloads
  • Proper voltage requirements
  • The importance of proper AC maintenance

The class will be held on Wednesday, March 6 at 10 a.m. ET (9 a.m. CT). There is no charge to attend.

“This is Coleman-Mach’s first class offering for the RV owner, whether they are seasoned RVers or new to the RV lifestyle,” said Tracey Viburg, director of customer service for Airxcel. “In this class, we’ll show them some of the most common maintenance needs for their AC unit and how to ensure their AC works well, wherever their adventures take them. Learning some of these basic maintenance and repairs will empower the new or seasoned RV owner so they can venture into any climate and ensure their AC unit will work correctly.”

To register for the class, RV owners should visit: https://campaigns.coleman-mach.com/basic-ac-101-registration.

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