Community: Active RV Upholstery Supports the War Vet Organization the Wounded Warrior Project

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Active RV Upholstery Center in Yuma, Ariz., is now a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

“In honor of my grandfather and great grandfather, 10 percent of the profit of every order goes to their cause,” said Daniel Tuller, owner of Active RV Upholstery Center. “It’s time to give back. I hope this will inspire others to give back as well.”

Tuller great grandfather Christian O. Christiansen was born in Denmark, on Feb. 9, 1900, and served in WWI, WWII & the Korean War. He was a colonel in the U.S Army. While serving his country, he got two of his fingers blown off by a grenade.

His grandfather Christian R. Christiansen was born on Sept. 12, 1925, in Dallas, Texas, and served in WWII then went on to become a cryptologist for the NSA from 1950 to 1974.

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